Client Testimonials

Mike Won A Very Difficult For Me. I'm Forever Grateful To His Dilligence And Solid Dedication To Understanding My Case.

My case was an extremely difficult Family Matter gone very bad. My ex accused me of a gross behavior that lead to me facing 20 years in jail and the loss of my child at the time of this matter.

There were mental health issues with my ex and a number of other things that lead to this accusation being made against me. I was scared and felt that I was undoubtedly going to jail over something that was patently a false allegation but nonetheless ended up with me being arrested and put in jail and thrust into the legal system facing the most serious type of charges just below murder.

The biggest blessing of my life, during this time, came when I called Mike Whipple and met with him in person. The questions he asked, the details he sought, the information he wanted was in places I never would have thought of. The people he brought into the case and areas he explored in my life was stunning. Mike was able to look at the situation from the eyes of a well versed legal consultant and see the holes in what my ex was saying in the accusation.

Mike knew my case because he studied the facts. Then he presented those facts masterfully in the courtroom. His dedication to my case the truth and his integrity are stunning! When I sat and watched him question my ex, I remember thinking, I'm glad he's on my side. Mike was able to systematically, piece by piece, take the lies and break them down into easily seen twists and turns that were clearly seen as nothing more than full on lies and misrepresented facts that my ex had stated.

The biggest moment came when my ex specifically lied about the night in question and Mike allowed that lie to go on and on. He was then able to come back around and confront my ex, while on the stand about that lie. Because Mike new my case so solidly and confronted my ex while on the stand about this lie, there was nothing my ex could say to the court other than, "Your Honor I just lied".

Michael Whipple holds a very special place in my life. Not only did I win the case but I won the right to have my child back in my life. I can't express anymore gratitude than what I've expressed here. The facts were on my side and Mike knew it. Mike knew how to study the case, question the statements made, then knew how to present them. My life has only continued to improve and I thank Mike daily for his diligence and tenacity. God Bless.

--Criminal Defense Client

Consistently Exceeds Expectations
5.0 stars

Atty Weyrens has handled several personal business and personal matters for us with ease. He is professional, responsive and always looking out for your best interest. Results exceed expectations, often in less time than forecast.

Saved My Life
5.0 stars

I was charged with an serious drug offense that could've very realistically cost me 20 years in prison. I interviewed several attorneys and decided to use Tim because for several reasons. He knew exactly what to do from the start and was knowledgable from the get go where the other attorneys were clueless, and they weren't discount attorneys. Tim and his staff were proactive from the beginning, his office is literally next door to the court house, all my motions and filings were near instantaneous which is huge + in my book because there was never a moment of wait time or uncertainty. I always knew what was next and what was expected of me to help my cause. Tim does not take on public defender cases so he is not bogged down with the BS that I'm sure comes with it. I have learned this if you stand for judge in any matter with any serious weight to it you want to have a PAID lawyer. It shows how serious you are about the case and I believe a deterrent to the prosecution in thinking that it will be an easy case that they can keep driving over you with the bus you have been thrown under. I went from fear of losing everything I had ever worked for or aspired to achieve to knowing I can now do what I need and want to do to in life to better it for myself and everyone around me. My case was open and shut for the I thought. With the magic Tim and his staff worked I thought it only fitting to change his contact information in my phone to Houdini. Lawyers cost money. Money can be made in time, but time can never be gained back. Don't go bargain lawyer when it hits the fan. You get what you pay for I believe, but with Tim I think I got much more than I paid for. Only thing better than having Tim is your lawyer is never needing a lawyer at all and let's face it if you're reading this, you need Tim (Houdini) Zerillo. Tim again thank you so much for all you have done. I am forever grateful.


After watching Copblock videos from citys all over the country we need to know our rights before we lose them. You are a beacon of light helping the American public to know and appreciate the constitution and our bill of rights. God bless you and your family.

--Ron Carleton,  Parma, Ohio

Thanks Tim for helping me succeed Matt-Meineke-Testimonial
-- Matt Meineke (Drill Sgt)

Email and Christmas Greetings From Kuwait - Best Defense Lawyer in Maine

Love the email just received from my Client in Kuwait and the picture he sent! Stay safe guys and God Bless - home soon and safe. He emailed me with the attached pic:

DeVinney Kuwait

Happy Holidays! Thanks again for being the best defense lawyer in Maine! You have given back to the Department Of Defense, in my opinion, a valuable asset. 10 well trained troops in fiscal year 2012 towards Operation Enduring Freedom. I salute you for your service Mr. Zerillo.

Professional, experienced, winner

Tim is the consummate professional. What elevates his status is his intelligence, experience, wit, charm and caring nature. He really makes you feel 100% comfortable leaving the driving to him. From the first day meeting Tim I knew the right decision was made. In troubled times there is no greater feeling than having some level of security and comfort. With Tim have that and more.

-- Criminal Defense Client

A new review from Amanda, a Child Custody client

I recommend Timothy Zerillo.

I hired Timothy 1-6 months ago.

Timothy handled my Child Custody matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

I looked around for lawyers as soon as I had the money for a retainer. Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Law was the only firm confident enough to take my case on such short notice to do a final hearing, as I had tried to do the case myself but it became too difficult. Unlike the previous two times I had to go to court for the same issues, this one was sent to a day trial. It was a motion to modify an existing order in child custody/support. Going into the office everyone is very friendly and personable and talking with the office and Tim is very easy to do as they are very down to earth. It is hard to describe how amazing Tim in a courtroom but the man knows his law, he throughly does his case research. If you need someone in your corner this is the man to have. I found his rating to be the best and he truely is the best. I am very happy with my case outcome as my exs attempts to modify have been denied. I cannot thank Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Law enough for all their hard work.

Best Attorney in Maine

Tim Zerillo recently represented my family in a very complicated and sensitive family matter. Tim selflessly stepped up to defend us in what was against all odds. We had no hope, no case. Tim worked seamlessly and gave all he had. He was willing to do "whatever it took" to rescue my son, and he did. This was my mission. I needed a miracle, I knew I was asking for the impossible, yet I still required counsel for damage control. Tim worked for my family like it was his own. I was coming from a very desperate place, I hadnt slept or eaten in 3 weeks, I was a nightmare client. In 24 hours from meeting Tim, we left the court with nothing short of a miracle. I will forever be grateful to Tim. Attorney Zerillo kept our family together and saved my baby from a life of fear and abuse. Words are inadequate.

-- Child Abuse Case Client

Truly Impressive

Timothy Zerillo, along with his associates and staff, will forever be held by me in the highest regard. Tim and his firm represent the pinnacle of service and legal expertise. When I was sued by a former business associate, Tim immediately put me at ease and assured me that every course would be explored in pursuit of a resolution. He has exceeded every expectation - I cannot say enough good about Timothy Zerillo and his team of legal professionals.

--Business Litigation Client

Hello Tim,

Passing along a note of appreciation for the professional service that I received from your law firm and Amy Robidas. Twice she has represented me in court and achieved favorable results in each case. Her personality and demeanor made it easy to talk with her and if their were any questions she always took the time even on weekends to write back if I had an urgent question .

Amy displays a talent of leadership . She presents herself in a confident manner .She is calm yet both aggressive and assertive . Previously we worked with two other attorneys in the past and to be honest it was a very humiliating experience.

It is quite evident Amy is highly educated , respected, and professional and truly enjoys her work. Did I mention that she is also a fine and tasteful dresser ? :)

Not only did she treat me with dignity and respect your staff as well treated me like a person . Everyone was polite and courteous to my wife and I .

Should the occasion arise where it may be necessary to be represented it is good to know that we can count on your staff for our professional needs.

--From a Client accused of Domestic Assault

Hi Tim,

Donna and I both want to congratulate you on winning the Rising Star 2010 award from the New England Super Lawyers Association!!!

Not only have we found you to be a compassionate and considerate human being but you are also a brilliant legal mind. A rare combination indeed. Again Congratulations Tim, well deserved!!

--Continued Success, D and K (Sale of Unregistered Securities Case)

Our son's future is brighter and more hopeful than we could have ever expected due to the legal and interpersonal skills of Tim Zerillo.

Our son spent the last three years turning his life completely around by joining the Army. He was decorated no less than five times during combat in Afghanistan and will deploy again this year. We are proud to say that he has truly become a leader among men and women.

A past mistake, for which our son is most regretful, surfaced to haunt him right after he returned from the war last year. We enlisted the legal services of Tim Zerillo, never imagining that the outcome would be so successful.

Tim knew what to do, how to do it, and who to engage. Not only did he diligently research our son's defense alternatives, he showed that quality we most admire in the human spirit…a kind heart. He saw in our son not only a life successfully turned around but one dedicated to combating those who would deprive his fellow human beings their safety and freedom, both in the United States and the rest of the world.

Tim never faltered in his support and belief in our son.

Thank you Tim, from the bottom of our hearts.

--Susan and Mike M., Colorado

I just want to thank you for all your efforts on (Client's) behalf. I realize this case could well have devastated (Client's) future if we had a less experienced firm working for us. And just to let you know, Amy (Robidas) really impressed me with her attention to detail and her persistence in making sure the matter (small as it was but nonetheless important) was resolved before we left the courtroom. And Andy's (Ambrose) perseverance in making sure all the prerequisite items for deferment were in hand before the court date was outstanding. Both are distinguished assets to your firm, as I'm sure you know. But just like our children, it's always wonderful to hear it from someone outside the family.

--Client's Mother from Massachusetts

Dear Tim,

How to put into words what I am feeling? A tremendous despair has been lifted from me. We are so grateful to you for not only your superb handling of Matt's case but also your thoughtful and caring recognition of the man he has become. You have made a direct and patriotic contribution to your country…Thanks again Tim. Well done indeed. We remain your lasting friends.

-- Parents of Federal Case Client


Thank you very much for all you have done for me!

Sincerely, Matt

--Accused Drug Trafficking Client

Thank you! Hopefully I won't need your services in the future, but if I do, I know where to go!

--Anthony, accused of Aggravated Assault


I just wanted to thank you for your patience and consideration. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. If you get the chance stop by the shop. Maybe I can do some work for you this time!

--Elmer, accused of Federal Drug Trafficking offense


Thank you for everything. I greatly appreciated the time and energy you spent on my case and the compassion you had towards me when I was a crazy woman. If you ever need a running partner, give me a call.

--Deborah, Divorce case


We wanted to thank you for everything you have done and believing in us. Your generosity has meant so much to our family. You are one of a kind.

God bless you,

Bob, Natalie and Ryan B.


You are such a wonderful person – God definitely broke the mold when he made you! You are kind and generous to a fault. You embolden hope for everyone and anyone around you. We have been certainly blessed to have had the opportunity to know you!

With love,

Betty, Grace, Jim and Janeen test