Skilled Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers in Portland, Maine

Because issues of family law and criminal defense often overlap here at Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple, P.A., we routinely represent people accused of domestic assault, which frequently overlaps into Protection From Abuse, Divorce and Child Custody cases. If you have been accused of either crime in York or Cumberland County, contact our offices today.

Domestic violence allegations may arise in conjunction with divorce proceedings or custody disputes. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes people use domestic violence allegations to gain an advantage in other areas. We understand that these charges are not always justified, and that there may be more going on within a family than is immediately apparent.

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Our experienced attorneys take the time to truly understand your circumstances so that we can effectively negotiate with the prosecuting attorney, possibly getting your charges reduced or dropped altogether. If negotiations fail, we are skilled trial attorneys who can accurately defend you in front of a judge or jury.

A Unique Approach to Your Defense: Reach Out to the Alleged Victim

Although not feasible or legal in all cases, whenever possible, we prefer to begin our preparation for your case by reaching out to the alleged victim, your partner. Regardless of what happened at the time of the incident, this person is likely to be the most important witness for the state - it is important for your defense that your attorney really understands the perspective of the alleged victim. By talking openly and honestly with the alleged victim, we are able to better protect you.

Experience Counts

The lawyers of Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Law have tried and won domestic assault cases. Attorney Tim Zerillo gives lectures to other lawyers in Maine as to how to handle these difficult and sensitive charges.

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"Passing along a note of appreciation for the professional service that I received from your law firm and Amy Robidas. Twice she has represented me in court and achieved favorable results in each case. Her personality and demeanor made it easy to talk with her and if their were any questions she always took the time even on weekends to write back if I had an urgent question...."

- From a Client accused of Domestic Assault