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January 2007 Archives

State v. Keith D. - Plea Bargain on Felony Sex Assault

Keith D. was charged in York County Superior Court with 3 felony counts of Unlawful Sexual Contact on 2 fourteen year old girls. After meticulous and aggressive investigation we were able to punch holes in the girl's stories. At jury selection, I negotiated a deal where the State agreed to dismiss all 3 felony counts against my client for a plea to 2 misdemeanor assaults and a year of probation. Not only did this deal save Keith D. from facing conviction on 3 felonies, it also saved him from possible sex offender registration.

Trial Result - Hung Jury on Assault State v. Joe B.

I recently tried the case of State of Maine v. Joe B., a domestic assault case. There, the Defendant was accused of getting into a fight with his then-girlfriend while intoxicated, and slamming her face into the pavement on the Martin's Point Bridge. We presented a self-defense case, and argued that the "alleged victim" started the physical altercation. On cross-examination of the "alleged victim," I developed the theory that her injuries, which were relatively extensive, could not have been inflicted as she described. Trial lasted 3 days. The jury hung after over a day of deliberations.

Bush Opening You Mail

It is insane to me that this story has been buried, as far as I am concern it should be on the front page of every paper in the country. Even my die-hard Republican friends will agree that this is a horrible invasion of privacy. Thank God some semblance of a balance of power has been restored...What a way to ring in the New Year!