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August 2007 Archives

Filing of Assault Case in York County Superior Court

Today, Tim Zerillo received a filing in the York County Superior Court for an assault that took place in the Summer of 2006. By attacking the State's witnesses though our investigator, I was able to negotiate a filing without costs to my client, so that the case will be automatically dismissed in 1 year if my client does not commit any new criminal conduct. This is a great deal for my client, because it keeps him from having a record.

Time Served For Probation Revocation

We faced another sentencing today in the Cumberland County Superior Court on the State's Motion to Revoke my client's probation in State v. Gary D. for 3 counts of violation of a protective Order. The State wanted 90 days and we wanted time served. Justice Broderick thoughtfully listened to both the State and the Defense, and found in our favor, granting a much appreciated time served disposition.

Lawsuit for Car Crash Settled - Scott S. v. Myra W.

Good news for a client of ours came today in a case that we have been trying to settle for several years. We were finally forced to file suit this month. The suit was for personal injuries suffered by our client who was a passenger in an auto accident. Our client suffered 2 torn tendons from the accident which ended his career as a lobsterman. The insurance company switched insurance adjusters who re-reviewed the case and ultimately made much more appropriate and reasonable offers then his predecessor, allowing us to get the case settled. This was a wise move for the insurance representative, and represented a good deal for the insurance company and our client. Most interestingly, the insurance representative conditioned the settlement on one thing: that I send him a GET ZERILLO t-shirt!