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Filing of Assault Case in York County Superior Court

Today, Tim Zerillo received a filing in the York County Superior Court for an assault that took place in the Summer of 2006. By attacking the State's witnesses though our investigator, I was able to negotiate a filing without costs to my client, so that the case will be automatically dismissed in 1 year if my client does not commit any new criminal conduct. This is a great deal for my client, because it keeps him from having a record.


I must say you are on a roll! However, is there not the concern that your client will not engage in more criminal acts. It seems as though with an assault in '06, he was perhaps on his best behavior with charges hanging over him? Just a thought.

Thanks for the thoughts Anonymous - that is always a concern with a filing. That being said, given the age of my client (his mid-forties) and the fact that he lives in Toronto, I think he is a pretty safe bet. Thanks for your comment. ~Tim

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