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Domestic Violence Assaults Dismissed

Domestic Violence Assault cases are taken very seriously in Maine. When legitimate abuse has occurred, they should be. In some cases, however, they are overblown.
Here, we represented the Defendant in the case of State v. John L. The Defendant was charged with assaulting both of his sisters after everyone involved had a little too much to drink one night. Unfortunately, this was a mistake that probably everyone was to blame for, yet our client ended up shouldering all the responsibility in the view of law enforcement. This meant that our client had bail conditions of no contact with his sisters, which ostracized him from family gatherings, etc...
At ZERILLO LAW, LLC we do something that sometimes people find it strange for defense attorneys to do - we talk to the victim. If the alleged victim is willing to talk to us, we will talk to them and really get their perspective. Usually, in the sober light of day that perspective changes.
Here, the sisters decided they wanted to drop the charges against their brother. Luckily, the prosecutor agreed with us, was fair with what the family wanted, and dismissed all charges against our client.


Now Tim,I can see both sides of this coin.... As a counselor, I have to ask myself how many times has this happened, and is this the only time that the police has been called? But as a survivor of a domestic violence situation, I made many excuses for a long time about my drinking ex husband. I am glad that you got what the family as a whole wanted for a result, however I certainly hope that this one does not come back..... Take care!!

As do I. These are difficult situations at best. I hope this family co-exists well in the future. I do believe that this was blown out of proportion, however, and family counseling may more be the answer then criminal prosecution. Thanks for your comments!

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