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Protection From Abuse Case Dismissed

Attorney Amy Robidas of ZERILLO LAW, LLC successfully got a case of Protection From Abuse against our client dismissed today. Protection From Abuse cases are often difficult, and can significantly impact a person's rights to their children and property. Thankfully, in this case, Amy was able to keep that from happening.


Nice Job!! PFA's are often upsetting and misused when a person is angry or wants revenge or other satisfaction. Wonderful Job!!

I agree with you - although PFA's can have a real benefit in a serious domestic violence situation, they are often really damaging to custody of your children and your property. I often see them after an order has entered but before a custody case. You are so deep in a hole at that point it is hard to get out. Thx, I love the comment.

Your lawyer should do a better job researching the facts of a PFA case from both perspectives (your defendant's and the plaintiff's) and coming up with a better defense strategy then just assuming that all PFA cases are a result of "revenge" and "anger" before a hearing or before treating ANY PFA case like a criminal case rather than treating it as a family crisis prevention case and being first and foremost concerned with the safety and protection and what is in the best interest of a helpless child/children that may be involved. Instead of being more aggressive against the plaintiff and her family (because it is usually a woman who is asking for the PFA in most cases), once a case has to reach a hearing state, your lawyer should be more aggressive with your clients to come to a resolution through longer negotiations (lawyer to lawyer) rather than wasting a courts, judges, and tax payers' time and money! If your lawyer showed a little more compassion in your future PFA defense cases and didn't make the mistake of trying them as criminal cases then you may find yourself having more PFA cases come out in your defendant's favor more often in the long run. Remember that there are almost always the best interest of children involved and they are the true victims and hopefully the true benefactors here. Good luck to you in your future cases and in your young career as a respectable lawyer!

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