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Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008
Kevin Atkins, right, sits with attorney Tim Zerillo as he awaits sentencing Monday at York County Superior Court in Alfred. Atkins pled guilty on one count of Class A Manslaughter and one count of Class C criminal OUI in the Sept. 1, 2006 death of Saco resident Normand Audie.

Atkins sentenced to15 months in Audie death

Atkins sentenced to 15 months in Audie death
ALFRED -- Former Kennebunk resident Kevin Atkins was sentenced on Monday in connection with a fatal car accident in Saco. The collision on Sept. 1, 2006 took the life of 21-year-old Saco resident Normand Audie, the son of former Biddeford police officer Bruce Audie.

Atkins, 34, pled guilty to one count of Class A Manslaughter and one count of Class C criminal OUI. He was sentenced to 10 years in the York County Jail, with all but 15 months suspended, followed by three years of probation.

Atkins, who has moved to Buxton since the accident, was sentenced to six months for criminal OUI, to be served concurrently with 15 months for manslaughter, along with a $2,100 fine and a six-year suspension of his driver's license. After sentencing, Zerillo said he expects Atkins will spend about a year in jail.

After hearing from Assistant District Attorney Thad West, Justice G. Arthur Brennan followed the recommendation of Atkins' attorney Tim Zerillo regarding the count of manslaughter.

Addressing Atkins and the court, Brennan stated that the distinction between a regular OUI and criminal negligence was "acting without regard to the risks," which he said applied to Atkins' case.

Atkins showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down.

Before sentencing, several of Audie's family members addressed the court.

"I can tell you that this will not provide closure for my family," said a visibly upset Bruce Audie. "It only closes a chapter in our lives - lives that have been changed forever."

Audie's sister Katie also spoke, her comments eliciting sobs from the throng of family members seated behind her.

"He was my best friend, and my protector," said Katie Audie, who was nine months pregnant with Audie's nephew when he lost his life. "When my brother was killed, a piece of my heart was killed, too.

"He wanted to teach my son his first words," she said. "Now he will never even hold him."

On the evening of his death, Audie was returning from an event kicking off Biddeford's participation in National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

Brennan told the family that remembering Audie will, at first, be painful, but time will ease that pain. Children in the Audie family who will never meet him will feel a measure of familiarity and kinship with him through the stories of his life, said Brennan.

The Audie family made it clear, though, that acceptance is still a long way off.
"I think about him constantly," said Bruce Audie.
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From the Journal Tribune. This article can also be accessed at www.journaltribune.com


While Justice Brennan was correct, it would seem that his quote about "acting without regard to the risks," is not the entire statment. At the same time, it was the alcohol that was "acting without regard" not your client in his right mind. By putting your client in jail, they are only putting the tiger to sleep, not dealing with the drinking at the moment.

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