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March 2008 Archives

Motion for Contempt Won by Amy Robidas

Attorney Robidas won a Motion for Contempt case by decision today. The Motion was brought against our client on the allegation that he was restricting his daughter's telephone contact with her mother (our client has primary residency and sole parental rights, and the mother's visitation is supervised). Amy defended the motion on the basis that our client's actions were consistent with therapeutic recommendations. ~Tim

Motion to Suppress Granted Due To Miranda Violation

Or client has been charged with 19 felony counts of sexual assault. Prior to charging, he refused to speak with the police. He was interviewed by a Department of Health and Human Services caseworker after he was arrested. In response, we filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence, arguing that the the DHHS caseworker is a State agent, and because there was no Miranda given to our client, that his statements to her should be thrown out. The Court granted our motion to suppress today, and all statements to this caseworker will be suppressed and can't be used at trial. Motions to Suppress, although not often granted, are good tools to use if law enforcement is ignoring the Constitution. ~Tim