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April 2008 Archives

Protection from Abuse Case Won at Trial

Attorney Amy Robidas won a contested a Protection from Abuse (PFA) case after a trial this week in the District Court. This was a very important case because it mixed issues of child custody with allegations of abuse (as PFA's often do). In that case, the mother, Jane Doe, our client, lives out-of-state with her minor daughter. The father of the child lives in Maine. When our client brought the child for a visit, the father refused to return the child and brought a PFA against our client. After trial, Amy Robidas was able to get the case for PFA against our client dismissed by the Court. The Court immediately returned custody of the child to our client, and a mother and daughter were reunited. ~Tim

Judgment for Assault Case Brought By ZERILLO LAW

In July 2007, we told you about our client's case against former Portland nightclub, the Industry. The case involved an allegation of excessive force brought by the nightclub's bouncers resulting in injuries to our client. Yesterday, I had a hearing on the case and Justice Roland Cole in the Cumberland County Superior Court entered a Judgment in favor of our client and against the Industry. ~Tim Zerillo

Case Settled with State Farm for Auto Accident

Yesterday, we were thrilled to have finally been able to settle a case for an automobile accident with State Farm, involving serious injuries to our client. Our client suffered fractures to both wrists, knee injuries, scarring, multiple hematomas, chronic cervical and lumbar injuries, closed head injury and jaw pain. We were happy to get this settled and avoid time-consuming litigation for our client. ~Tim