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Operating After Suspension for Operating Under the Influence Deferred Disposition

Last week, ZERILLO LAW, LLC Attorney Amy Robidas received a deferred disposition for our client on a second offense of Operating After Suspension (OAS) for Operating Under the Influence (OUI). If you have followed news on OAS sentences in Maine over the last few years, you know how tough these cases have become. Second offense OUI's routinely involve jail sentences. Here, a second offense OAS for OUI is even tougher, by Attorney Robidas was able to successfully negotiate a deferred disposition for our client. ~Tim

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While deferred dispositions are great, they are extremely frustrating for the client. Depending on the county, and the DA, , and the Judge for that matter if they are not happy with the results of the disposition they can ask for it to be extended for a longer time frame.This is extremely frustrating for me as a substance abuse abuse provider in Lincoln/Knox County. While DD's are great, they are frustrating for both client, and provider. Especially with OUI cases.

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