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Deferred Disposition in Felony Case Where House Shot

I am pleased to announce that, prior to trial yesterday, I was able to negotiate a Deferred Disposition on felony cases resulting from my client shooting a house during muzzle-loading hunting season. My client was charged with Aggravated Criminal Mischief and Reckless Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon, both felonies, and violation of hunting regulations. Conviction of a Class C Reckless Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon would have landed my client in the jail for a 1 year minimum that could not be suspended. Instead, we struck a deal where my client would take a hunter safety class and not hunt for 2 years other than to bow hunt. My client will avoid all felonies, have no jail time and no probation as a result of this deal. ~Tim

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Knowing the Probation system as I do, I think this is a wonderful compromise!! No felonies, No probation, and can hunt in a few years. Great Job!!

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