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February 2009 Archives

Felony HO Oas Dropped to Misdemeanor

Attorney Amy Robidas of ZERILLO LAW, LLC was able to negotiate the dismissal of a felony Habitual Offender Operating After Suspension yesterday. As anyone who has followed legal news over the last few years in Maine knows, the penalties for all OAS cases have skyrocketed. This felony HO OAS carried a 6 month mandatory minimum jail sentence that could not be suspended. Amy was able to save our client not only the felony record, but also the 6 month mandatory minimum.

Peanut Company Released Product After Positive Test for Salmonella

The FDA is claiming that the Peanut Company of America released its products after some of the products tested positive for salmonella. So far, 8 people have died, and 550 have gotten sick from salonella poisoning. If you or a loved one think you have a case against the Peanut Company of America, please give me a call or email. ~Tim

Amy Gets Client Deferred Disposition on Domestic Assault Case

Domestic Assault cases are harder and harder to defend these days. The punishment for these cases also gets worse and worse over time. For example, many people don't understand that a conviction of a misdemeanor domestic violence assault will make you a prohibit person from possessing a firearm for the rest of you life. Attorney Amy Robidas of ZERILLO LAW, LLC was able to negotiate a deferred disposition for our client today in a domestic violence assault case in Portland. At the end of the deferred disposition period, the case against our client will be dismissed, and there will be no criminal conviction, no jail time and no probation for our client. ~Tim

Deferred Disposition on York County Cocaine Case

I was pleased to negotiate a deferred disposition for my client today in a York County Superior Court cocaine case. Conditions of the deferred disposition include no use or possession of drugs for 1 year with no new criminal conduct. At the end of the year, all the charges against my client will be dismissed, and there will be no jail, no probation and no criminal record for my client. -Tim

Salmonella Peanut Butter Outbreak - More News

President Obama has in part blamed the FDA today for the recall of peanut products due to salmonella poisoning. There have been 8 reported deaths and 550 people have become ill thus far. To see the Washington Post article on this story, go to this link:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/02/02/AR2009020202967.htmlIf you or a loved one have suffered salmonella poisoning from peanut products and need an attorney, please feel free to contact us. ~Tim