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October 2009 Archives

Tim Speaks At Seminar on Zealous Advocacy

I spoke at a seminar yesterday, sponsored by the York and Cumberland Bar Association. My favorite quote on zealous advocacy, which comes from the Mississippi Supreme Court is that a a lawyer should be prepared, when appropriate, "to defy hell on behalf of his or her client." --Tim

Aggravated Trafficking of Marijuana and Aggravated Cultivation Dismissed

I was pleased to get counts of Aggravated Trafficking and Aggravated Cultivation dismissed today in favor of fully probated sentences. The Aggravated Trafficking and Cultivation cases carried 2 year sentences which could NOT be suspended and would have been served if not for this deal. --Tim

OUI Refusal Dismissed

I was able to get an Operating Under the Influence refusal dismissed today in favor of a Driving to Endanger case. --Tim

Tom Cruise - Off Topic

This very off topic for this blog...Well, he has played a lawyer in several films...While in Boston this weekend I bumped into Tom Cruise, and had to post this pic. I spoke to him for a short time and he was very pleasant, and seemingly patient, with all the interest in him. --Tim

.15 OUI Dropped Down to a DTE

Attorney Amy Robidas of ZERILLO LAW, LLC was able to achieve a drop down from a .15 blood alcohol content Operating Under the Influence charge to a Driving to Endanger charge. OUI's of .15 or above have mandatory jail and license suspension issues, which were successfully avoided for our client by Amy's representation. --Tim