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June 2010 Archives

News: Pot Bust in Bridgton

Those of you who read our blog know about the success we have had representing marijuana defendants, including in Bridgton. To learn more about Zerillo Law, LLC, go to www.getzerillo.com. Here is another arrest from out that way, from the Portland Press Herald:Bridgton couple charged with growing, selling pot
By David Hench dhench@mainetoday.com
Staff Writer Police in Bridgton seized 18 pounds of marijuana and 145 pot plants during a raid on a house at 139 Beartrap Road Saturday.Bridgton police, a State Police trooper and an Oxford County sheriff's deputy executed a search warrant at 7:20 p.m. following an investigation by Bridgton Officer T.J. Reese. One pound of the marijuana was packaged for sale and the processed marijuana seized was worth $51,000, police said.Police charged Robert F. Murphy, 55, and Cynthia M. Murphy, 52, with cultivating marijuana and drug trafficking. They are scheduled to appear in Portland Superior Court on Sept. 2.

Deferred Disposition operating After Revocation

Attorney Amy Robidas of Zerillo Law, LLC came roaring back from her maternity leave today, getting a very difficult deferred disposition in an Operating After Revocation of License case. These are very difficult cases, and our client faced a 30 day mandatory minimum jail sentence. With Attorney Robidas help, he now only owes a $500 fine. Way to go Amy! --Tim

Motion to Suppress on Weapons Charge in Federal Court

From time to time I publish examples of Motions we file, with our client's personal information redacted. This is to give you an idea as to how we approach representation of our clients.You can follow the link below to find a Motion to Suppress filed this week in Federal Court in Maine. The issues in the Motion to Suppress is our claim that the Defendant's confession was coerced. The coercion occurred when the Defendant was promised he would not be charged if he confessed. Of course, he confessed and was charged in federal court. You can access a redacted copy of our Motion to Suppress and Memorandum of Law on the Motion to Suppress by clicking here.You can learn more about Tim Zerillo and Zerillo Law, LLC by clicking here.

Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Presidency and CLE

It has been a pleasure to serve as President of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers over the past year. I was touched by the reception given to me, and have been proud to lead such an important organization.Last week's CLE was an amazing event. I was pleased to get to know and introduce, among others, F. Lee Bailey, who is a living legend. A picture of myself and F. Lee Bailey to follow on this blog.For more about Tim Zerillo and Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.--Tim

Miranda is Upended by Supreme Court of the United States

In tortured logic, the Supreme Court of the United States has held in Berghuis v. Thompkins (decided June 1, 2010), that to invoke Miranda rights, a suspect needs to say he or she invokes her right to remain silent. Yes, the irony of this is quite obvious.Since Miranda is being slowly stripped away, I am developing a card to give to people that you can keep with you and read to a police officer or simply hand to the officer if you are being questioned. If you want one, just send me an email: tim@getzerillo.com. Or, to learn more about Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.