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February 2011 Archives

Felony Drug Case Dismissed, Misdemeanor Deferred Disposition Entered to End in Dismissal

Our Client was charged in Portland, Maine in the Cumberland County Superior Court with a Felony Possession of Hydrocodone and Misdemeanor Posession of Cocaine.  Our Client was a student at USM.  He was charged when he consented to a search of his dorm room and drugs were seized.  He was extremely under the influence when he consented to the search.I filed a Motion to Suppress the consent to search, arguing that his consent was invalid and a warrant was needed.  Prior to the hearing on the Motion to Suppress, we were able to resolve the matter.The deal involved an outright dismissal of the felony case.  The misdemeanor was entered with a deferred disposition, which involved the client going to counseling and doing community service for a year.  At the end of the year, the remaining charge will be dismissed.A great deal for our Client!  --Tim Zerillo

Out of State Child Custody Case Dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction

Amy Robidas of Zerillo Law, LLC was able to achieve a dismissal of a child custody case this week.  Our Client resides in Virginia.  Her ex took their child to Maine and filed a child custody case here.  Attorney Robidas moved to dismiss the case, arguing that the home state of the child under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act was actually Virginia.  The Court agreed, and granted Attorney Robidas' Motion to Dismiss this week.  --Tim Zerillo

Attorney Amy Robidas Gets OAS for Trucker Dismissed

Attorney Amy Robidas and Zerillo Law, LLC were hired to represent a trucker charged with OAS.  Attorney Robidas was able to prove that the original suspension was invalid, and convinced the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office in Portland, Maine to dismiss the case today.  Congratulations to our Client and to Attorney Robidas!