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April 2011 Archives

Attorney Robidas Gets Domestic Assault Dismissed

Earlier this week, Attorney Amy Robidas was able to get a domestic assault case dismissed for our Client before the prosecutor brought charges.  There was a domestic incident and our Client was arrested.  Amy and the staff at Zerillo Law, including recent law graduate John Burke, did a quick investigation, gathered information helpful to the defense, and Attorney Robidas convinced the prosecution to no complaint the charges.

Attorney Amy Robidas Gets PFA Dismissed

Attorney Amy Robidas was handling defense of a Protection from Abuse Complaint, and possible civil matters, in which our Client was charged with sexually assaulting his daughter.  Attorney Robidas carefully planned a defense, and found that the alleged victim recanted the allegations of abuse to two individuals. Based on that information, Attorney Robidas was able to get the PFA dismissed today.

Settled Car Crash Case

We were able to settle an auto accident case this week for $250,000, which was the policy limit.  If you want to specifically look at injury case information, check out my other blog dedicated to auto accident and injury cases - http://www.mainecarcrashlawyer.com/.--Tim