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Felony Criminal Restraint By Parent Reduced to Misdemeanor with Time Served

Our Client took her child, in violation of a custody order, and went to Florida to hide from the child's father.  She was ultimately found in Florida, and Zerillo Law, LLC represented her in the Felony Charge of Criminal Restraint by a Parent in Maine, as well as a child custody determination.

Attorney's Amy Robidas and Jeff Hamm began handling the child custody case for Zerillo Law.  The father of the child attempted to strip the Mother, our Client, of custody because she kidnapped the child to Florida.

The Guardian Ad Litem in the family case supported the Father's efforts.

Jeff Hamm handled the Interim Hearing.  Amazingly, he won the hearing by establishing that the Father was abusive, and that the Mother was shielding the child from him so he would not abuse the child.

This win in the District Court allowed me to bargain the case effectively in the Superior Court in the criminal matter.  The DA agreed to dismiss the felony and enter a time served disposition.  There was no probation.

This was done without the Father's blessing.  In fact, he did everything he could to keep the prosecutor and the Court from accepting this deal.  Ultimately, I am happy to say our Client prevailed.

While there is a long fight for our Client in family court ahead, this represents a case in which, against all odds and against all the evidence, tenacity and skill won out in the end.


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