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October 2011 Archives

Tim Zerillo Lectures to York Bar Association on Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Cases

I was please to lecture to over 100 lawyers in a presentation sponsored by the York Bar Association this week.  The topic I was asked to discuss related to the Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence cases.  There are many Collateral Consequences in Domestic Assault cases, including severe firearms and immigration consequences, that many criminal defense lawyers do not understand.  I always consider it a great honor to teach other lawyers when I am asked.  Good lawyering involves a constant process of learning, for everyone who practices and is committed to being their best.For more information on Zerillo Law's Domestic Violence practice, click here.

Testimonial on Drug Felony Case Experience with Tim Zerillo

Our Client, a college student and very bright guy who was facing a drug felony, recently posted this online, and I thought I would share:I had a fantastic experience with Tim, he was courteous and informative throughout the entire experience, which was an extremely stressful and difficult period of my life. I credit Tim with saving me from a potentially devastating felony charge and would recommend him to anyone! Thanks So much!
Glad we could help!  For more info on Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.