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November 2011 Archives

What A Week for Attorney Amy Robidas - 2 Filings and a Motion to Strike Priors in an OUI Granted

I felt the need to report on Zerillo Law, LLC's Senior Associate, Amy Robidas, and her great week.  She got two cases filed this week, one for a Log Book Violation for a truck driver and another for Operating Beyond License Restriction.  A filing is essentially a delayed dismissal, and is a great deal for our clients.Then, Amy won a Motion to Strike Prior OUI offenses in a drunk driving case she has that is going to trial.  She noted that the Defendant's first OUI offense was based on a plea without a lawyer, and she argued that the plea should be struck.  The Court agreed over the prosecutor's objection, and struck the prior conviction.  This effectively means that Amy is going to trial on a first offense OUI instead of a second offense OUI, which is quite a difference.For more on Amy and Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.Congrats to Amy and our Clients!--Tim Zerillo