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December 2011 Archives

Attorney Zerillo Gets Defendant's Statements Suppressed in Hancock County

My Client was charged originally with Criminal Threatening with a Dangerous Weapon.  When the police arrived on the scene of the alleged crime, they questioned the Defendant.  I brought a Motion to Suppress arguing that the Statements that were made by my Client violated Miranda v. Arizona.  We had a hearing in which I put the 2 police officers involved on the stand and questioned them.  In a written decision received today, the Hancock County Superior Court granted the portion of our Motion to Suppress in which I asked the Court to suppress statements made by my Client while the officers questioned him at the scene of the alleged crime.  By agreement, the statements made by my Client both verbally and in writing at the police station were also suppressed.--Tim

Amy Robidas Gets PFA Dismissed

Attorney Amy Robidas of Zerillo Law, LLC was able to get another Protection From Abuse case dismissed in West Bath today - great job Amy.  For more information about Amy Robidas, please click here.--Tim