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February 2012 Archives

Amy Robidas Gets Second Offense Drunk Driving OUI Reduced to DTE

Last week, Senior Zerillo Law Associate Attorney Amy Robidas was able to get a possible second offense OUI with a .19 intoxilyzer test reduced to a Driving to Endanger charge.  This was a tremendous victory for our client and a great job by Amy.I blogged previously about this case when Amy was able to get the predicate conviction struck that would have made this a second offense OUI.

Attorney John Burke Gets Deportable Domestic Assault Dropped to a Disorderly Conduct

John Burke, Zerillo Law, LLC Associate, was able to get our client out of a very sticky situation yesterday.  Our client got into an argument with his wife that escalated into him striking her.  He admitted his conduct to the police.  The client was an immigrant from Russia who had lived in the U.S. for the prior 15 years with no other criminal record.Since the strike perforated her eardrum, this was a possible felony.  Despite that, Attorney Burke was able to reduce the plea down to a Disorderly Conduct for making loud noises.The reason this is important and what people do not understand, is that if you are an immigrant, you can be deported for a domestic assault misdemenaor conviction.  Even a deferred disposition can serve as a basis to deport you, because the immigration law counts as a conviction conduct that is admitted to be criminal.  In Maine law, you are only convicted after you are sentenced.Great job, John.

Psilocybin Mushrooms case Dropped by Maine DEA

My client's house was broken into, and in the course of responding to the burglary, the police found jars containing spores of psilocybin mushrooms, which are fungi that contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin.  You probably know these as "shrooms" or "magic mushrooms."The Maine DEA agreed with me that the seizure of these psilocybin mushrooms, given the circumstances, was questionable, and agreed not to charge the case.For more about Zerillo Law, LLC, visit http://www.getzerillo.com/.-Tim