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Tim Zerillo Gets Criminal Threatening with a Dangerous Weapon Dismissed in York County

My roll of getting serious felonies dismissed for my clients is (thankfully) continuing. In this case, our Client was charged with Criminal Threatening with Dangerous Weapon for brandishing a knife at a house guest. We were able to convince the District Attorney that there may have been a self-defense justification to this action. Through intensive preparation and plea bargaining, the felony Criminal Threatening was dismissed, in favor of a deferred disposition on a Disorderly Conduct. The Client will pay a fine, continue her counseling, and in 1 year, even the Disorderly Conduct will be dismissed. Our Client has already won the biggest battle - the felony has been dismissed - and the Disorderly Conduct will be soon as well. For more information about Zerillo Law, LLC, please visit our website by clicking here. --Tim

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