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Sympathy for those Dealing with the Alexis Wright Prostitution Scandal Mess

I hear from many clients that read this Blog, and there are many others who read the Blog that I don't know about. I wanted to send a message to those of you suffering from the Alexis Wright and Mark Strong prostitution mess out of Kennebunk. I represent currently 4 individuals who are either charged or might be charged in this scandal as customers of Alexis Wright. These are real people with families, spouses and jobs to protect. No matter how it is portrayed in the media, this is NOT the crime of the century. It is, however, a massive blow to your personal life in all likelihood. A piece of news that may affect those of you on the infamous list - Justice Nancy Mills has not agreed to seal the evidence in the case. A list may or may not be forthcoming in the media. I am betting, unfortunately, that the media will get its hands on it. So, on behalf of my Clients, I urge the media to withhold publication of the names on the list. First, if these people were videotaped by Alexis Wright, they are victims of a crime. Second, these people have families and jobs to protect. The collateral damage will be massive. I am guessing that these pleas may fall on deaf ears. To view Zerillo Law, LLC's website, click here. To view an article on some ideas for getting help if you are in crisis, click here.

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