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November 2012 Archives

Former Maine Drug Prosecutor Convicted of Child Pornography Possession in Federal Court Has Jumped Bail

James Cameron, convicted of federal child pornography offenses, has reportedly jumped bail. It is interesting, as I was just reading the 77 page First Circuit decision on this case today. This is a sad situation. The federal sentences for these offenses are extremely rough, and they put massive pressure on defendants. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear this ending badly. In addition, it has been extremely difficult as of late to get judges to allow bail in child pornography cases federally. I hope Cameron's bail jumping doesn't make it even harder. For more on Zerillo Law, LLC, with lawyers practicing in State and Federal Courts in Maine and in the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, click here.

Federal Court Drug Case - Oxycontin - Sentencing

We had a sentencing yesterday in a case in which our Client had a network of drug supply from Florida into mid-coast Maine. Federal sentencing is notoriously tough. Our Client, who was caught red-handed and admitted her involvement to the authorities before we were hired, plead guilty to Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance. This was a bizzare story that I will not recount here because I want to protect my client's identity. John Burke and I went a great way to try to tell the story and to get a variant sentence from the United States Sentencing Guidelines for our client. For many of our clients, there is more than what is in the newspaper or in the Indictment to their lives. We like to tell those stories. This was one of those cases. Wonderful new USDC Judge Nancy Torresen seemed engaged by the story, and handed down a very fair sentence of 12 months and 1 day (a 12 month and 1 day sentence is preferable to a 12 month sentence in federal court because sentences in excess of 12 months allow you to earn good time). Judge Torresen issued a variant sentence, which here was a sentence well below the federal Sentencing Guidelines. John Burke and I worked hard on the case. We were both very pleased with this result, given what we faced and the quantity of drugs involved. --Tim Zerillo