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April 2013 Archives

Tim Zerillo Gets Cases Severed in Publicized Sex Case

Attorney Zerillo represents a Client in a publicized sex case in coastal Maine.  The allegations have been combined in the Indictment to charge multiple counts with multiple victims in the same Indictment.  The State can join counts in an Indictment if they arise out of a common scheme or plan.  See M.R.Crim.P. 8(a).  This creates a very difficult case from a trial perspective if you have multiple alleged victims saying the same thing.  The jury could conclude that where there is smoke there is fire.Further, there is a very troubling 2012 case, State v. Lemay, found here.  There, the Maine Supreme Court significantly restricted the argument that there are 5th Amendment rights at play that should allow for severance.After a lot of work, we were able to distinguish Lemay on both 5th Amendment and prejudice grounds.  The judge hearing oral argument did a great job of very carefully focusing on the prejudice to our client and severed the cases in the indictment after much persuasive argument from the State DA.  This is a great victory for our client.For more on Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.

Pre-Charge Dismissal, Child Sex Abuse Allegation

Attorney Tim Zerillo represents a client who was accused of sexual abuse of her child.  Our investigation to date leads us to believe that this is a bogus claim resulting from an explosive child custody situation.  Today, the District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute the case - fantastic news for our Client!For more on Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.

Attorney John Burke Gets Assault Dismissed - Client Comments

Congrats to John Burke, Associate of Zerillo Law, LLC, who got an assault case dismissed today in Cumberland County.  Great work John and congrats to our Client.  As the Client wrote upon hearing the news:

 "YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!" And this is why I go to Zerillo Law - you got it dismissed!
For more on Zerillo Law, LLC, click here.

Kind Words From A Divorce Client For Attorney Amy Robidas and Paralegal Andy Ambrose

I always like to share compliments for those at Zerillo Law, LLC, this time for Attorney Amy Robidas and Paralegal Andy Ambrose, who fought a hard battle for client in a divorce case.  The Client recently wrote the following:

Amy, I feel very fortunate to have found you as my ‘trusted lawyer’ with this divorce. Everyone I had the pleasure to deal with at Zerillo Law was wonderful.  Every phone call and  visit  with you,  gave me that “positive lift”  I needed to carry on.  For that I thank you.  That personal touch meant more to me than words can express.
I sincerely appreciate your kindness, advice, direction, support and expertise.  You’re the best.  It may sound silly but I shall miss working with you and Andy.  Thanks Again.