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Contingent Fees for Business Litigation and Contract Disputes in Maine

As I small business owner myself, I am sensitive to the traditional model of business litigation.  In that model, you have a lawsuit with another company in which you have a valid claim.  Perhaps they are a bigger company than you are, and as a result, they can push you around with your litigation costs.  Traditionally, you would either forgo your claim, or hire someone like me to handle it.  After years of litigation and massive attorneys fees you would either win or lose.  It takes a lot of money to get to that point, however.
I have not understood why these traditional business litigation firms don't take good business litigation cases under a contingency fee or hybrid contingency fee agreement.  We will consider such cases throughout the State of Maine.
This evens the playing field a bit.  Our model allows smaller businesses with limited financial resources to pursue litigation against larger organizations who have harmed them. 

 Our business litigation practice includes:
1. Contract disputes
2. Investor's Rights
3. Intellectual Property and
4. Business Fraud
In other words, contingent fees aren't just for personal injury and medical malpractice cases (although we handle those cases too!).
There is more than one type of contingent fee.  Here are a few types to consider:
1. Traditional Contingent Fee: this is the "no recovery, no fee" method.  Traditionally, the lawyer takes 33 1/3% (sometimes higher) of the recovery, plus costs.
2. Hybrid Contingent Fee: Client pays the lawyer a discounted hourly fee and the lawyer gets a percentage of the client's recovery, which is a lower percentage than the Traditional Contingent Fee.
3. Minimum Fee: Client pays a minimum flat fee per month and the lawyer gets a percentage of the client's recovery, which is a lower percentage than the Traditional Contingent Fee.
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--Tim Zerillo
Zerillo Law, LLC
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