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Tim Zerillo Follows up the Gross Sexual Assault Dismissal with a Violating Conditions of Release Dismissal

I told you a few weeks ago that I was able to get a Gross Sexual Assault, Class A, case in Sagadahoc County dismissed.  This was an extremely serious charge, involving massive potential jail time for our 18 year old Client, who allegedly forcibly raped a 16 year old minor.  This alleged victim actively sought prosecution of our Client, but we were able to expose huge holes in her story.  I was thrilled to get the case completely dismissed - not plea bargained - dismissed entirely after Indictment.

While his charges were pending, my 18 year old client got in trouble (the way 18 year olds will do) and violated bail.  So, then we were dealing with a Violation of Conditions of Release charge.  He was dead bang guilty of that charge.  I was able to convince the prosecutor yesterday that he had been punished enough by being wrongfully charged with a Gross Sexual Assault, and they agreed to dismiss the Violation of Conditions of Release charge too.

Kudos to the prosecutor for being thoughtful.  2 for 2 with dismissals in 1 case - love it!

Best, Tim Zerillo
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