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May 2014 Archives

State v. John L. - Driving To Endanger Filed

The charge against my client is Driving To Endanger. We have been offered a 6 month filing of the charge and then dismissal in exchange for payment of a fine. The charge eminated from an incident at the Oxford Plains Speedway. This means that my client will not suffer a criminal conviction or a license suspension, which is a huge victory for him.

Thank you Note from Client and Family

I have blogged about this case before in in 2010 it received some press.  At that time we were able to get a diversion for a Client in Federal Court accused of trafficking over a kilo of cocaine from California to Maine.  He was a remarkable guy who changed his life by joining the Army and serving in Afghanistan.  He served honorably and with amazing distinction.  His service was so notable, the Assistant United States Attorney was willing to help me convince the United States Attorney to give him a break.  And they did.  While his co-conspirators went to jail, he went back to Afghanistan.  He and his family, every year, send me a beautiful gift basket and a card.  This year, I note with pride that he has made drill sergeant.  I feel honored to have represented him.  He represents a basic tenant of what I believe.  I believe that people who sometimes do bad things are not necessarily bad people.  That people can change their ways and turn things around if given a chance.  I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of this inspiring story.  For more on Zerillo Law, click here, or call 207.775.4255.--Tim