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Sentencing Reform This Summer More Info Act Today for Summer Success

Senator Harry Reid recently announced that he wants to bring the Smarter Sentencing Act up for a vote in the U.S. Senate this summer. So far, 24 Senators have co-sponsored the bill, but we need more support. At least 60 votes will be needed to pass the bill in the U.S. Senate. NACDL needs your help in convincing your Senator to co-sponsor the Smarter Sentencing Act. You are receiving this message because your Senator(s) has not signed onto the Smarter Sentencing Act as a co-sponsor. Please take TWO MINUTES today to call and ask that they support sentencing reform. The Senators who need to be contacted are listed below, along with their Washington, DC office phone numbers. Tell your Senator(s) why you support sentencing reform, or follow the script below: "I am a constituent, and I'm calling to express my support for the Smarter Sentencing Act, S. 1410. I support this bill because it will save billions of dollars, reduce overcrowding in federal prisons, keep the public safe, and make our drug sentencing laws fairer and smarter. This is a reasonable, modest bill that will make sure we spend our crime-fighting dollars wisely. I ask the Senator to cosponsor the Smarter Sentencing Act and to vote in favor of it. The U.S. Senate should pass this bill this year. Thank you for considering my views."
Susan Collins (R): 202-224-2523 

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