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March 2015 Archives

HZW Shareholder Attorney Mike Whipple Wins Family Law Case After Appeal

Our client has been in a toxic battle with his ex-wife for the last 5 years. After repeatedly getting abused by his ex-wife's attorney and losing dramatically in court our client's parental rights were hanging by a thread. We were hired to argue a motion on remand from the Law Court. Our amazingly adept client won a pro se appeal! We represented the client on remand and convinced the judge to reverse her decision and return our client's visitation. Our client's family is back. This is a case where winning is everything!

Attorney Zerillo Gets A Filing For His Client Accused in a York County Drug Case

In York County today, Tim Zerillo, an attorney and shareholder of Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple, achieved a filing for our client in a drug case. The case involved in the sale of prescription pills, including oxycodone. After several court appearances, the assistant attorney general agreed to file the case for one year.
Filings have been replaced in Maine practice in favor of deferred dispositions as of late. A deferred disposition may be an excellent deal in some situations. A filing is a better deal, however, because no admission of guilt is made by the defendant and if there is new criminal conduct by the defendant during the filing period, the best the state can do is resurrect the underlying case. If you violate a deferred disposition, you are found automatically guilty, and are subject to an open sentencing. A filing is basically a delayed dismissal.
Our client had a security clearance with the military, and this is a terrific result for him. Congratulations to all involved.

Protection Order DISMISSED

This past Friday, we won a huge victory for a young mother whose ex had taken her daughter from her by filing an unwarranted Protection from Abuse Complaint and getting a temporary order allowing him to take their young daughter. Following a trial his complaints were found to be unsupported and the PFA was dismissed. RESULT: Our client will be reunited with her daughter!

Attorney Whipple Achieves a Deferred Disposition for an OUI Client with a prior

Our client was arrested for a second offense OUI last summer after smashing into a tree for no apparent reason in western Maine. The reason became more apparent after the blood test showed a .21% BAC. Our client had a prior as well. The Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple team was able to pick through the report and convince the prosecutor that there were huge holes in the report. Specifically, the operator never admitted to driving, there were empty beer cans in the vehicle, the officer failed to document the time of the arrest and the report did not clearly detail the evidence of impairment. The prosecution ultimately agreed and our client is on a deferred disposition for a year. If the client stays out of trouble the OUI will be dismissed!

Attorney Gabor's Outstanding Work in Felony Domestic Assault Case Receives Thanks

Attorney Brett Gabor of Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple was able to resolve a felony Domestic Assault in Lincoln County last week. This highly contested matter was resolved after Attorney Gabor's successful negotiations with the prosecution. As a result of Attorney Gabor's negotiations, the felony was dismissed and the Client received a misdemeanor with no jail time. Attorney Gabor recently received a thank you from our client's family indicating "I wanted to thank you so much for all that you did. We will be sure to refer you to anyone we know that is in need of a good lawyer. Thanks again."

Attorney Mike Whipple Achieves a Dramatic Variant Sentence in Federal Court

Federal Court presents a daunting challenge that can only be met by the most prepared and informed attorney. The lawyers of Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple practice in the United States District Court in Maine routinely. We know how to best navigate the maze of federal court for our clients.

Mike Whipple Wins Hotly Contested Motor Vehicle Hearing

Attorney Michael Whipple, a former prosecutor and Shareholder of Hallett, Zerillo and Whipple, won a contested Bureau of Motor Vehicles this week in an Operating Under the Influence case.
Our prominent client was arrested for an OUI and the allegation was hotly contested. The police officer at the scene and demanded our client take a breath test. Our client was forced to the local police department for a breath test. The officer checked the client's mouth, waited the proper 15 minute wait period and the client blew above the legal limit of .08%. Our client was processed for an OUI and released on bail.
With the combined use of his experience and diligence, Attorney Whipple found a way out for our Client. The officer's report did not reference the fact that our Client had braces. At the the BMV hearing, Attorney Whipple established that the officer had no memory of our Client having braces. As a result, Attorney Whipple was able to convince the Hearing Officer that the suspension should be thrown out due to a failure by the police to follow protocol. Attorney Whipple's argument won the day and our Client was able to drive home from the hearing.
BMV hearings are extremely difficult. Attorney Whipple's victory for our Client this week shows what an experienced and relentless OUI litigator can do for you. Congrats to both Attorney Whipple and our Client.

Recent Praise For Attorney Gabor From A Divorcing Dad

A father and husband recently hired Attorney Gabor in the midst of his ongoing divorce.   His wife had just filed a claim that she was abused by Dad and asking that Dad's contact with the children be restricted.  At the Protection From Abuse hearing, Attorney Gabor helped Dad get a court order giving him custody of the children.  As the divorce moved forward, the Court maintained custody with Dad and ordered Wife to pay child support. Wife continued to file complaints with the police alleging further abuse and violations of court orders, but the police declined to take any action because of the carefully crafted language included in those orders by Attorney Gabor. Attorney Gabor then completed a final settlement wherein the children will primarily live with Dad after the divorce. Here is what Dad had to say after the final settlement: