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(Portland, Maine) July 9, 2015 - Michael B. Whipple, a Shareholder Attorney in Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple P.A. in Portland, Maine, represents Peter Bolduc, the owner of Harvest Hill Farm, where a hayride tragedy occurred in 2014. The hayride accident involved the death of a young woman, Cassidy Charette. Attorney Whipple's intensive pre-indictment presentation and Mr. Bolduc's openness with the investigative process caused the Grand Jury to Indict all of its targets for Manslaughter yesterday, with the exception of Mr. Bolduc.

Attorney Whipple said: "Our prayers go out to Cassidy Charette, her family and the other injured passengers involved in the October 14th hayride accident. Peter Bolduc cooperated completely with the District Attorney's Office from day one. He provided them with crucial information and testified extensively before the Grand Jury. He submitted to a three and a half hour polygraph examination with the Maine State Police. This Grand Jury has cleared him of all culpability for this accident. Peter's cooperation was instrumental in getting to the truth and in assisting and identifying the real wrongdoers here.

Peter is, of course, relieved and pleased with the Grand Jury outcome. His own relief does not outweigh the sorrow he feels every day for the Charette family and their loss. He is emotionally and physically exhausted by the process, but is as pleased as he can be with the result given the circumstances."

Attorney Whipple added: "What we did here is the opposite of what you might expect a criminal defense attorney to do. You probably expect that we would obfuscate the evidence or hide from the process. Here, we were completely transparent. That's the way Peter wanted it. He knew he bore no criminal responsibility for this tragedy and the Grand Jury agreed with him."

Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple, P.A. is a law firm with offices in Portland and Windham, Maine. The firm's practice includes plaintiff's personal injury and catastrophic injury representation, criminal defense, commercial and business litigation, and family law and divorce. Additional information can be found on the firm website, www.HZWlaw.com, or by calling 207-775-4255. 

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