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December 2015 Archives

Dave Weyrens Gets a Case With a Critical License Issue a Deferred Disposition On An OUI

HZW Senior Associate Dave Weyrens recently OUI handled an OUI case when his Client's career was dependent upon maintaining a clean driving record.  Attorney Weyrens was able to achieve a deferred disposition for the client, with a dismissal of all charges as the end result.  This will allow the Client to keep his job and clean driving record.  

Attorney Dave Weyrens Wins Motor Vehicle Hearing in Operating Under the Influence Case

This month, HZW Senior Assoicate Dave Weyrens won a contested BMV hearing when the police officer could not establish that the the Standardized Field Fobriety testing that were performed did not establish probable cause for an arrest. At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer agreed that the officer's testimony did not establish probable cause and the license suspension was rescinded. 

Attorney Brett Gabor Wins Important Case Regarding Charge of Sending Illegal Photo to a Child

HZW Associate Attorney Brett Gabor successfully averted charges against an adult accused of sending a sexual picture to a child. This was a case where initial perceptions could be deceiving. However, after Attorney Gabor spent hours pouring over the client's cell phone, analyzing the client's statements to police, and utilizing the assistance of multiple expert witnesses, the State was persuaded to not bring charges. This is a life-changing victory for the client, who faced not only registration on the sex offender registry if convicted but also embarrassment simply if charges were filed - regardless of the eventual outcome.

Attorney Brett Gabor Wins Contested Protection From Abuse Hearing

Attorney Brett Gabor won a contested hearing for Protection From Abuse, defending a mother accused by the father of abusing their children. The father has repeatedly brought forward claims against the mother in both civil and criminal settings. In this particular case, the mother was unable to see the children for more than two hours per week while the case was pending, which caused her great anguish and concern. The father was attempting to use the Protection From Abuse process as a shortcut to gaining sole custody of the children.