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Attorney Brett Gabor Wins Contested Protection From Abuse Hearing

Attorney Brett Gabor won a contested hearing for Protection From Abuse, defending a mother accused by the father of abusing their children. The father has repeatedly brought forward claims against the mother in both civil and criminal settings. In this particular case, the mother was unable to see the children for more than two hours per week while the case was pending, which caused her great anguish and concern. The father was attempting to use the Protection From Abuse process as a shortcut to gaining sole custody of the children.

After hearing and substantial cross-examination of the father by Attorney Gabor, the Court concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegation of abuse. Therefore, the case was dismissed and custody of the children reverted to the mother. Although it is tragic that the children were separated from their mother for several weeks, the decision to delay a hearing allowed sufficient time to prepare the strongest possible defense. Attorney Gabor truly hopes that the father will come to realize that his repeated accusations do not support the well-being of the children.

Everyone should remember that while a restraining order hearing can happen quickly, the ramifications can carry on forever. It is wise to seek counsel whenever your children's future is at stake.

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