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Wonderful Review For Tim Zerillo On AVVO.com

Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo just received the following review on www.AVVO.com that we thought we should share.  A big thank you to our Client for taking the time to draft this review.

"Saved my life"

I was charged with an serious drug offense that could've very realistically cost me 20 years in prison. I interviewed several attorneys and decided to use Tim because for several reasons. He knew exactly what to do from the start and was knowledgable from the get go where the other attorneys were clueless, and they weren't discount attorneys. Tim and his staff were proactive from the beginning, his office is literally next door to the court house, all my motions and filings were near instantaneous which is huge + in my book because there was never a moment of wait time or uncertainty. I always knew what was next and what was expected of me to help my cause. Tim does not take on public defender cases so he is not bogged down with the BS that I'm sure comes with it. I have learned this if you stand for judge in any matter with any serious weight to it you want to have a PAID lawyer. It shows how serious you are about the case and I believe a deterrent to the prosecution in thinking that it will be an easy case that they can keep driving over you with the bus you have been thrown under. I went from fear of losing everything I had ever worked for or aspired to achieve to knowing I can now do what I need and want to do to in life to better it for myself and everyone around me. My case was open and shut for the prosecution..so I thought. With the magic Tim and his staff worked I thought it only fitting to change his contact information in my phone to Houdini. Lawyers cost money. Money can be made in time, but time can never be gained back. Don't go bargain lawyer when it hits the fan. You get what you pay for I believe, but with Tim I think I got much more than I paid for. Only thing better than having Tim is your lawyer is never needing a lawyer at all and let's face it if you're reading this, you need Tim (Houdini) Zerillo. Tim again thank you so much for all you have done. I am forever grateful.

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The law firm of Hallett, Zerillo, and Whipple, P.A. are Maine attorneys representing clients who have been seriously injured, accused of crimes in state and federal court, have business litigation needs or family law and divorce cases. Various attorneys in the firm have been locally and nationally recognized for their achievements, including admission into New England Super Lawyers, the Client's Choice Award from AVVO.com, the President's Award from the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and membership in the selective National Academy of Family Lawyers. For more information on the firm, please visit www.HZWlaw.com

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