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May 2016 Archives

Labor Union President Accused of 8 Year Fraud Gets a 1 Month Sentence In Federal Court

Following is a Bangor Daily News article regarding our Client, a former head of the Local Union for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.  He was accused of stealing from the union and overbilling expenses.  Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo got involved before any charges were filed.  As a result of discussions with the defense, the United States Attorney's Office agreed to charge Mr. Durinski with misreporting the amount of the distributions to him for expenses on the Labor Unions Annual Reports.  From there, the Defense was able to craft an argument focusing on Mr. Durinski's lack of criminality, age, and health conditions. Ultimately, Judge Woodcock gave our Client a 1 month sentence, to be served at a county jail in Maine.  

Tim Zerillo Gets Felony Possession of Sexually Explicit Materials Case Plead to a No Jail Deferred Disposition in York County

In a complicated case this week in York County, HZW Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo was able to get a felony 9 count possession of sexually explicit materials case dropped to a misdemeanor and a deferred disposition for no jail time.  Congratulations to our client.