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5 Star AVVO Review for HZW Attorney Tim Zerillo

HZW Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo received a 5 star review on AVVO today.  It was extremely nice of our Client to take the time to write such a great review and we thank him for it.  

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Excellent outcome, exceptional memory of the facts, extremely prepared & respected by his peers, consulted and hired on the spot

5.0 stars

Posted by Jay

August 25, 2016

I was a client and hired this attorney. His Avvo rating was superb and described as being extremely genuine, intelligent, detailed and articulate as an attorney. I conducted my own research of former clients, testimonials and current litigators and published works by Attorney Tim Zerillo, which resulted in an initial consultation, then an immediate hiring. Attorney Zerillo is very polite and welcoming. He was willing to speak in great detail about my pending case and possible outcomes. He made it clear he was willing to take my case to trial if there were no other agreeable terms reached during legal process. I faced two different counts of Domestic Violence, which were against an adult son. There were four witnesses whom clearly collaborated on a story, after they wouldn't leave my residence, in which I learned they were conducting illegal activities. In cases like this there are numerous factors to take into account. Loss of your 2nd Amendments rights to ever bear arms, possess weapons, ammunition and more in this country. Attorney Zerillo, used his detailed knowledge from his own research and publications on the matter to clearly defend my rights and to clearly understand what was at stake. This attorney works with you. By this, I mean if he gives you a list of documents, photos or events to track down, those he believes will benefit you or the case, follow his lead and provide them. He recommended an awesome Private Investigator to work with his firm on the case. His brain does not stop working. Attorney Zerillo has a clear devotion to his clients and reaching the best outcome for all parties. One of my counts was dismissed and after agreeing to a deferred or filing of one other count, with good behavior, I will not have any convictions. His commitment to advise you of the motions he can and will file, to fight for you all the way and to work truly on your behalf, not several cases at once, or at least in your presence. Unfortunately, some attorneys can't even remember your name or charges pending. You get what you pay for and I feel Timothy Zerillo is one of the top Criminal Attorney's in the area, in my opinion. His memory and recollection to important factual detail was superb. His attentiveness to flaws in the prosecution's case was a unique trait and quite impressive. You, or a friend or loved one, who may find themselves in a similar uncomfortable setting, like myself someday, at least, owe yourself the opportunity to hear him out and the plan he would develop to present you with the best representation possible. I feel from my case experience, Attorney Timothy Zerillo is a clear "no brainer" when consulting and hiring a true litigator and legal representation at such a vulnerable stage in your life. This may be the best choice you ever make. It was sure gratifying to feel at the end of the case, my representation was first class and worth every dollar spent!

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The law firm of Hallett, Zerillo, and Whipple, P.A. are Maine attorneys representing clients who have been seriously injured, accused of crimes in state and federal court, have business litigation needs or family law and divorce cases. Various attorneys in the firm have been locally and nationally recognized for their achievements, including admission into the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, New England Super Lawyers, the Client's Choice Award fromAVVO.com, the President's Award from the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and membership in the selective National Academy of Family Lawyers. For more information on the firm, please visit www.HZWlaw.com.

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