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December 2016 Archives

Mike Whipple Wins A Motion to Suppress In A York County OUI Case

HZW Shareholder Mike Whipple won a Motion to Suppress in York County recently.  After a testimonial hearing, the Court agreed with Attorney Whipple that the police violated his Client's due process rights by failing to properly inform the Client of the penalties for a refussal to take a breath test.  This victory ensures that the government cannot use the evidence of the breath test in any trial against the Client.  Congrats to Attorney Whipple and his Client!  

Attorneys Tim Zerillo and Mike Whipple Speak at Joint Maine Trial Lawyers and Maine Criminal Defense Lawyers Seminar

HZW Shareholder Attorneys Tim Zerillo and Mike Whipple were the speakers last week in a seminar presented by the Maine Trial Lawyers Association and Maine Association Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Their topic was: "Can I say That? Ethical Issues in Opening Statements and Closing Arguments." Their talk focused on teaching lawyers how to spot errors in civil case openings and closings and the ways to prevent and combat prosecutorial misconduct in criminal cases.

Know what to do at a sobriety checkpoint

It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you're on your way home from celebrating and have to stop at a police checkpoint. Whether you've been drinking or not, you may be nervous about what to expect and what you're required to do. Extra sobriety checkpoints are often used around major holidays, so here are some tips that should help you if you encounter one.