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January 2017 Archives

Watch For Winter Driving Hazards

Historically, January is Maine's snowiest month but that doesn't mean we're in the clear yet. There is still plenty of winter left just waiting to make our roads treacherous for even the smallest vehicle trip. Whether you live in Portland or communities far afield, it is critical that you take every step possible to keep yourself and your family safe on winter roads.

Maine Legislators Consider Bill To Delay Implementation of the Maine Marijuana Legalization Act

There is a Bill currently before the Maine Legislature that would delay the recreational marijuana legalization that was won in the November 2016 election until February of 2018.  HZW Managing Partner Tim Zerillo represents a number of marijuana entrepreneurs in Maine and beyond.  If you or your organization needs representation or consultation regarding medical or recreational marijuana, please contact Tim Zerillo at 207.775.4255 or email tzerillo@hzwlaw.com.