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February 2017 Archives

Tim Zerillo Gets Aggravated Trafficking Reduced to Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession

This week, HZW Managing Partner Tim Zerillo was able to get a case reduced to misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  The case began as a Class A, Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs.  This plea was achieved before jury selection and did not involve the defendant cooperating with the prosecutors.  Congratulations to our Client!

HZW Partner Dave Weyrens Gets Client an Excellent Settlement Result in an Auto Accident Case

HZW Partner Dave Weyrens received an excellent settlement for a client for a car wreck after filing suit and lititgating the matter.  Our Client received a whiplash injury, which lead to the development of thoracic outlet syndrome several years after the accident.  In fact, our Client's injuries were not diagnosed until approximately 4 years after the accident.