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Criminal Archives

Tom Hallett Wins Motion for New Trial in Aggravated Assault Case

Tom Hallett, Senior Partner at HZW, had a trial last month on charges of Elevated Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Assault in Portland.  His client was acquitted on the Elevated Aggravated Assault charges, the most serious of the charges, but was found guilty of Aggravated Assault.

Attorney General Memo Will Jail More Federal Inmates

Below is the Attorney General's Memo issued this week that will result in a change in the way that federal cases are prosecuted and sentenced.  This not good news for those who believe that the federal criminal justice system is harsh and unforgiving already.  The AG's Memo is attached below.

Ben Donahue Gets "Not Guilty" Jury Verdict In Lincoln County Court

On April 18, 2017, a Lincoln County jury found an HZW client not guilty of a criminal case of failing to stop for a law enforcement officer. The Lincoln County prosecutor insisted that Attorney Ben Donahue's client had intentionally ignored a police officer's signal to stop.  The prosecutor showed the jury a video of the driver continuing 2.6 miles with a police car flashing its lights and sounding its siren behind him. On cross examination, Attorney Donahue discredited the prosecutor's video evidence and the police officer's testimony. Attorney Donahue's case rested on an argument that his Client's hearing loss caused the failure to stop. After Attorney Donahue's strong closing argument, the jury returned a verdict for the defense after forty-five minutes of deliberation.

Tim Zerillo Gets Client A Deferred Disposition In A Domestic Assault and Criminal Threatening Case

HZW Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo received a dismissal and deferred disposition for a Client charged with Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening and Assault in Cumberland County today.  The charges stemmed from an issue with the Client's Son, who we established had significant credibility problems.  The deferred disposition will result in a dismissal at the end of the case with no further penalty for our Client.