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Family Matters Archives

Supreme Court Extends Second Amendment To Include Stun Guns

Here is a Washington Tribune article on an interesting case in which the Supreme Court of the United States has expanded the Second Amendment to include stun guns.  Here, the stun gun was used in Massachusetts by a woman to protect herself from a dangerous and abusive boyfriend.  In a Concurrence, Justice Samuel Alito wrote:

Mike Whipple Strikes Gold Twice In One Case - Domestic Assault Allegations and Family Law

Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Shareholder Attorney Mike Whipple kept up his winning streak this week in a hotly contested family matter and domestic violence assault charge.  The family matter involved allegations of child abuse, abandonment and domestic assault.  Attorney Whipple won the family matter soundly, with the family law judge rejecting the allegations and adopting Attorney Whipple's proposal.  On the strength of that family law order, Attorney Whipple attacked the criminal charge and quickly secured a deal involving the dismissal of all charges.  Congrats to our Client and Attorney Whipple.

Attorney Brett Gabor Wins Contested Protection From Abuse Hearing

Attorney Brett Gabor won a contested hearing for Protection From Abuse, defending a mother accused by the father of abusing their children. The father has repeatedly brought forward claims against the mother in both civil and criminal settings. In this particular case, the mother was unable to see the children for more than two hours per week while the case was pending, which caused her great anguish and concern. The father was attempting to use the Protection From Abuse process as a shortcut to gaining sole custody of the children.

Tim Zerillo's Client Prevails in Bridgton Family Law Case

After a 2 day trial in Bridgton this Summer, Attorney Zerillo's Client prevailed in a divorce case, winning all major issues, including financial and custody issues.  These issues were contested, and the Guardian Ad Litem in this matter was against Attorney Zerillo's Client on most issues.  

Tim Zerillo Is Named In Attorney Ranking By National Legal Association

(Portland, Maine) August 26, 2015 - Timothy E. Zerillo, a Shareholder Attorney for Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple P.A., with offices in Portland and Windham, Maine, was selected by a national organization this week as one of the Top 10 family lawyers in Maine. Attorney Zerillo's selection was reported on August 25th in the Portland Press Herald.