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Maine Archives

Labor Union President Accused of 8 Year Fraud Gets a 1 Month Sentence In Federal Court

Following is a Bangor Daily News article regarding our Client, a former head of the Local Union for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.  He was accused of stealing from the union and overbilling expenses.  Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo got involved before any charges were filed.  As a result of discussions with the defense, the United States Attorney's Office agreed to charge Mr. Durinski with misreporting the amount of the distributions to him for expenses on the Labor Unions Annual Reports.  From there, the Defense was able to craft an argument focusing on Mr. Durinski's lack of criminality, age, and health conditions. Ultimately, Judge Woodcock gave our Client a 1 month sentence, to be served at a county jail in Maine.  

The Supreme Court Holds That A Criminal Defendant Can Use Legitimate Assets To Hire the Counsel of His or Her Choosing, Even If the Government Seeks a Forfeiture

The Supreme Court of the United States issued a fascinating decision in Luis v. United States this week.   The SCOTUSBlog.com opinion analysis by SCOTUS Blog Editor Amy Howe is as follows:

Supreme Court Extends Second Amendment To Include Stun Guns

Here is a Washington Tribune article on an interesting case in which the Supreme Court of the United States has expanded the Second Amendment to include stun guns.  Here, the stun gun was used in Massachusetts by a woman to protect herself from a dangerous and abusive boyfriend.  In a Concurrence, Justice Samuel Alito wrote:


HZW Shareholder Attorney Tim Zerillo recently had a wonderful result in a very serious case. Our client had been sentenced to 16 years in prison for two Class A Gross Sexual Assault charges. His case had been reversed by the Supreme Court and was set for retrial.

Strong Endorsement for Tim Zerillo

Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Shareholder Attorney Timothy Zerillo received a strong endorsement on AVVO recently for a seasoned lititgator in another firm.  The endorsement said: "Attorney Zerillo is the type of lawyer you go to when everything in your world is at stake. He's that kind of attorney."

Mike Whipple Strikes Gold Twice In One Case - Domestic Assault Allegations and Family Law

Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Shareholder Attorney Mike Whipple kept up his winning streak this week in a hotly contested family matter and domestic violence assault charge.  The family matter involved allegations of child abuse, abandonment and domestic assault.  Attorney Whipple won the family matter soundly, with the family law judge rejecting the allegations and adopting Attorney Whipple's proposal.  On the strength of that family law order, Attorney Whipple attacked the criminal charge and quickly secured a deal involving the dismissal of all charges.  Congrats to our Client and Attorney Whipple.

Attorney Mike Whipple Gets Class A Robbery Dismissed

Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple Shareholder Attorney Mike Whipple got another amazing result this week in the Portland Unified Criminal Docket, when he got a Class A Robbery dismissed.  The underlying allegation involved the use of a dangerous weapon.  Attorney Whipple was able to bargain down the Class A Robbery to a dismissal in favor of a plea to a misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct for a $200 fine.  Fantastic work by Mike and congratulations to our Client.  

HZW Lawyer Mike Whipple Teaches Criminal Defense Lawyers Winning Defense Strategies

HZW Shareholder Attorney Michael Whipple was invited by a national legal education association to teach other criminal defense attorneys some of the strategies he uses in his successful law practice.  Attorney Whipple lectured on the topics of winning strategies for drunk driving cases, the ways to use the Government's forensics information to help your case, tips for finding the evidence the Government is hiding from you and the use of polygraphs as a tool in a successful criminal defense practice.