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Medical Marijuana Archives

Tim Zerillo Gets Aggravated Trafficking Reduced to Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession

This week, HZW Managing Partner Tim Zerillo was able to get a case reduced to misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  The case began as a Class A, Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs.  This plea was achieved before jury selection and did not involve the defendant cooperating with the prosecutors.  Congratulations to our Client!

Maine Legislators Consider Bill To Delay Implementation of the Maine Marijuana Legalization Act

There is a Bill currently before the Maine Legislature that would delay the recreational marijuana legalization that was won in the November 2016 election until February of 2018.  HZW Managing Partner Tim Zerillo represents a number of marijuana entrepreneurs in Maine and beyond.  If you or your organization needs representation or consultation regarding medical or recreational marijuana, please contact Tim Zerillo at 207.775.4255 or email tzerillo@hzwlaw.com.

Tim Zerillo Speaks At Maine Home Grown Trade Show At Augusta Civic Center

HZW Shareholder Attorney Tim Zerillo spoke at the 2016 Maine Home Grown Trade Show and Expo at the Augusta Civic Center yesterday.  Tim spoke on the law panel, as pictured below (photo credit to Jeff Pouland of the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinal) and also lectured on the topic of "Dealing With the DEA".  In addition to his criminal defense practice, Attorney Zerillo assists caregivers with regulatory, compliance and business strategy issues.