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Posts tagged "Criminal"

HZW Attorney Daphne Hallett Donahue Is Nominated To Federal CJA Panel

Congratulations to Attorney Daphne Hallett Donahue, who was one of two Maine lawyers added to the Federal Criminal Justice Act Panel this year.  This is a competitve and important panel.  None of the applicants for the Bangor Court position were accepted and only two of the applicants for the Portland Court were accepted.  Congratulations to Daphne, and to her future clients who will benefit from her relentless criminal representation.  

Know what to do at a sobriety checkpoint

It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you're on your way home from celebrating and have to stop at a police checkpoint. Whether you've been drinking or not, you may be nervous about what to expect and what you're required to do. Extra sobriety checkpoints are often used around major holidays, so here are some tips that should help you if you encounter one.

The Supreme Court Holds That A Criminal Defendant Can Use Legitimate Assets To Hire the Counsel of His or Her Choosing, Even If the Government Seeks a Forfeiture

The Supreme Court of the United States issued a fascinating decision in Luis v. United States this week.   The SCOTUSBlog.com opinion analysis by SCOTUS Blog Editor Amy Howe is as follows:

Attorney Brett Gabor Wins Important Case Regarding Charge of Sending Illegal Photo to a Child

HZW Associate Attorney Brett Gabor successfully averted charges against an adult accused of sending a sexual picture to a child. This was a case where initial perceptions could be deceiving. However, after Attorney Gabor spent hours pouring over the client's cell phone, analyzing the client's statements to police, and utilizing the assistance of multiple expert witnesses, the State was persuaded to not bring charges. This is a life-changing victory for the client, who faced not only registration on the sex offender registry if convicted but also embarrassment simply if charges were filed - regardless of the eventual outcome.