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A restraining order may arise to protect a victim from abuse. Other restraining orders can arise out of retaliation in a domestic dispute. Oftentimes, they will arise during a divorce or custody battle. If you are in need of a restraining order or have been accused of abuse and face a Protection from abuse order (PFA), it is important to protect your rights. At Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple, P.A., we offer experienced and strategic support in criminal and family law cases involving domestic disputes and restraining orders, including:

  • Defense of restraining orders
  • Protections from abuse for victims
  • Protection from harassment (PFH)

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"Tim Zerillo recently represented my family in a very complicated and sensitive family matter. Tim selflessly stepped up to defend us in what was against all odds. We had no hope, no case. Tim worked seamlessly and gave all he had. He was willing to do 'whatever it took' to rescue my son, and he did. This was my mission. I needed a miracle, I knew I was asking for the impossible, yet I still required counsel for damage control. Tim worked for my family like it was his own. I was coming from a very desperate place, I hadnt slept or eaten in 3 weeks, I was a nightmare client. In 24 hours from meeting Tim, we left the court with nothing short of a miracle. I will forever be grateful to Tim. Attorney Zerillo kept our family together and saved my baby from a life of fear and abuse. Words are inadequate."

- Child Abuse Case Client

Restraining Orders and the Consequences of a PFA

Any type of restraining order can have serious implications for the defendant. A restraining order could leave you unable to enter your home, see your children, or can even have a profound affect on the way that custody or visitation will work. In addition to the personal consequences, you may also face criminal charges. There are many traps for the unwary, so it is important to consult with an experienced restraining order defense attorney if you suspect that a PFA is underway. For example, many people do not understand that they can lose their rights to firearms while a PFA is pending against them.

A restraining order may be issued after allegations of:

Portland Restraining Order Defense

When an attorney is involved early on in your case, you can take action to prevent a restraining order or mitigate the consequences. Our attorneys will aggressively defend your interests, putting the alleged victim on the stand. We will ask necessary questions to understand the relationship prior to the allegations. Portland restraining order attorneys from our firm will focus on getting at the truth of the allegations and history of the relationship to protect your rights and interests.

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