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Experienced Truck Accidents Attorney in Portland, Maine

Protecting Your Rights Following a Trucking Accident

Trucking companies and drivers themselves often push too hard for too long. Unfortunately, when a trucker gets tired, cuts corners on maintenance or improperly loads his trailer, accidents can happen. And, when big rigs collide with other cars on the road, there can be catastrophic results for the drivers and passengers of those smaller vehicles.

At Hallett, Zerillo & Whipple, P.A. in Portland, Maine, we protect the rights and interests of truck accident victims. If you or someone you love has suffered serious personal injury like head injuries or spinal injuries in an accident with a tractor trailer, semi truck, 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicles, contact us to discuss your potential legal claims.

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Just as you are careful on the road, be careful when dealing with trucking companies. Never provide them with information that they may later use to deny your legitimate claims concerning the wrongful death accident. Before you talk to a representative from a trucking company or their insurance company, talk to a personal injury attorney experienced in handling truck accidents.

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Who Understands the Claims Process

The fact is that most personal injury cases settle before they ever make it to a courtroom. Trials are expensive, risky and time-consuming, and most of the time it is better to avoid them. When you are selecting an attorney to handle legal claims related to your trucking accident injuries, it is important that you find an attorney who can maximize the settlement value of your claims outside of the courtroom but still be able to aggressively litigate those claims if settlement negotiations fail. To do this, your lawyer needs to understand the insurance companies and how they place value on any particular injury or claim.

Before attending law school, Attorney Tim Zerillo worked as an insurance adjuster for a well-known insurance company. With this experience, he understands how insurance companies determine the value of any fatal accident claim and he knows how to communicate your injuries and damages in a language they understand. This allows our firm to effectively obtain outstanding settlements for our clients injured in 18-wheeler trucking accidents.

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